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 Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle

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PostSubject: Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle   Mon 02 Feb 2015, 9:09 pm

As Summerslam rolls on, the first main event of the night is announced to be next, pitting John Cena against the returning Kurt Angle. Before cutting to the commentators, the show cuts to footage of how it all started. Showing Cena standing in the ring grinning from ear to ear talking about one of the biggest wins of his life the night before. When he got revenge on the Authority by beating Triple H despite the odds. He talks about how he's gone a long way in the WWE. Climbing to the top and becoming the guy everybody wants to face. He then claims to be the best in his own kind words. Before he can continue, the music is heard. Kurt Angle's tron hits the PA System and the fans explode as Kurt Angle walks out onto a WWE stage for the first time in 9 years with nothing but a serious look towards Cena followed by a missing smile, looking around at the WWE Universe. He then makes his way into the ring and makes his presence known when he tells Cena that just because they haven't worked together for nine years doesn't make Cena better than him. And he then quotes the legendary Ric Flair by saying "To be the best you've gotta beat the best". Which is of course followed by Angle holding out his hand for Cena to accept the challenge making the match official. This is the last thing we see before the feed cutting to Michael Cole at his table.

Cole: Now this is the match everybody has been waiting for. John Cena will step in the ring with Kurt Angle. A man who hasn't competed in the WWE since 2006.

JBL: These two are no strangers. But both have grown since the last time they've wrestled. I mean, John Cena has had countless title reigns.

Cole: And so has Angle in other wrestling companies. But tonight is the night when Angle makes his return to the ring and in his own words "Dethrones John Cena".

JBL: There's been a lot of talk between the two. Not just what you've seen in the video. If you haven't tuned into Raw these past couple weeks, I advise you do because what these two have had to say to each other is not to far from intense. But tonight is the night when they turn them words into action!

Cole: John Cena vs Kurt Angle Summerslam 2015! It doesn't get better than that folks!

King: Listen to this crowd!

Fans are on their feet as the legendary tune hits the PA System and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way out onto the stage wielding his gold medal. He takes in the "You suck" chants that come along with his song. Not because the fans hate him, because they are stupid fucking iwc smarks who try to catch the media's attention by fucking shit up. He hops from side to side at the top of the ramp in preparation before marching down the ramp in front of the thousands in attendance. He makes it to the end before circling the ring and sliding in where he then hops up on the corner turnbuckle, holding his arm up for all to see the confidence in his stance. He does this to one other turnbuckle before staying put in the far right corner, awaiting for his opponent. The leader of the Cenation. The man who's held the WWE on his back since Kurt's departure. John.....Cena.

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PostSubject: Re: Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle   Tue 03 Feb 2015, 8:40 am

After Angle's entrance, the crowd sits in surprising silence waiting for his opponent, hoping that maybe they will get the "Doctor of Thugonomics" John Cena to complete this match-up.

However, the silence quickly changes as soon as the first notes of Cena's theme song hits, a noticeable mixture of cheers from his true fans and boos from the idiots who don't realize "Fruity Pebbles" John Cena is best for business, which only get louder as Cena steps from behind the curtain and onto the stage. As always Cena gets fired up off the crowd, looking into the camera and saying "It's time to be the man!" and getting ready to take off running, however instead of doing so he looks into the ring to Kurt Angle, grows a more serious look and begins taking unusual steps down the ramp and never taking his eyes off his opponent.

---Michael Cole---
This is new for John Cena, I've never seen him break his demeanor and I've watched him take on Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar!

That all changes once he reaches three-quarters of the way down in which he takes off running down the rest of the ramp and then sliding into the ring only to jump up, quickly toss his hat to the crowd, and meet Kurt Angle face to face. The crowd erupts expecting for this match to start early causing the referee to try and interject and break them apart to no avail. With Cena's music getting ready to reach the final beats, Angle keeps his straight face while Cena breaks a smile before turning and holding up his "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" sign before backing up to a corner on the opposite side from Angle, his music dying down and him taking his shirt off and tossing it in the crowd.

---Jerry Lawler---
Its about to get hot in here!

As soon as the bell rings Cena and Angle waste no time and meet in the middle of the ring, both men trying to think of how they want to lock-up before Cena reaches out only for Angle to duck his arms, sliding behind Cena and grabbing his waist before quickly letting go to grab his feet and trip Cena up which causes Angle to break his poker face and give a slight smile. Cena quickly bounces up, realizing he needs to not underestimate his opponent.

Kurt Angle is showing signs that he's still got it!

Once more Cena reaches out for Angle only for Angle to duck behind him, grabbing his waist but before he can get the same result Cena quickly performs his own turnaround allowing him to be Angle, quickly grabbing onto Angle's waist and pulling himself closer before grabbing his feet and tripping him up. With the scene being a repeat of a few seconds ago, Angle also bounces back up to a slightly smiling Cena with his arms slightly held out, giving off the impression of "What you can do I can do.". Angle nods his head at this as the two men prepare to lock up for a third time.
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PostSubject: Re: Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle   Tue 03 Feb 2015, 5:55 pm

The two proceed to lock up old school style, both with a grip on the other's shoulders, trying to force each other back. But they are at a stalemate until Kurt pulls Cena into a tight headlock which he leaves locked in for a good ten seconds until Cena pushes him off sending him towards the ropes. Angle comes back with a shoulder block to Cena knocking him down to his feet. As Cena stands back up, Angle bounces off the ropes again but this time comes back to a sitout hip toss by Cena! Angle doesn't stay down for long. However, as he gets up near the ropes, Cena looks to be going for a clothesline but Angle ducks and delivers a release german suplex sending Cena to the other side of the ring.

Cole: And what a German Suplex by Kurt Angle! Cena is no stranger to that move. In fact, it was this time last year when Brock Lesnar delivered 16 German Suplexes to John Cena in one of the most lopsided title matches in WWE history.

JBL: Did you see how far he tossed him?

King: He tossed him like a rag doll.

Angle walks over to Cena who's staying down from that move and brings him back to his feet only to deliver a Belly to Back Suplex where Cena hits his head hard on the mat on impact. While holding his head Cena slowly gets back to his feet as Angle, who's now in control, lifts him up and drops Cena's back across his knee with a backbreaker. Instead of letting Cena drop back to the mat, he takes Cena off the knee and clutches his arms around Cena's waist before hitting another German Suplex sending Cena into the turnbuckle where he bounces off and falls right back down to the mat!

Cole: Did he just German Suplex him into the turnbuckle??

JBL: That he did Michael. That he did...

Cena his holding his head in pain as Kurt drags him to the center of the ring where he then proceeds to bring Cena back to his feet for a normal suplex, but Cena doesn't allow him to deliver it. Instead Cena delivers a suplex of his own! Angle arks his back in pain as he gets back up to Cena is trying to make a comeback. Cena kicks him in the gut before pulling on his arm for an Irish Whip but Angle reverses it into an Irish Whip of his own sending Cena to the ropes but Cena comes back with a running shoulder block taking Angle off his feet. Angle get's back up as Cena runs to the ropes again but before he can even bounce off the ropes, Angle comes running at him, clotheslining him over the top rope and in front of the commentating tables. Cena hits hard on the outside as Angle looks impressive standing in the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle   

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Summerslam 2015 Cena vs Angle
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