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 GM Mode Returns! New Draft for 2015!

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GM Mode Returns! New Draft for 2015! Empty
PostSubject: GM Mode Returns! New Draft for 2015!   GM Mode Returns! New Draft for 2015! EmptySat 17 Jan 2015, 5:50 pm

Yep. I'm back and bored and miss you doods. Now that 2K15 has been out for a while, I'd like a little more interaction in my Universe Mode. So once again we'll have a draft with a cap of 30 wrestlers including divas if you want them. Hopefully we can keep this going on longer without it losing steam like last time. Today we make our first draft picks. I'll let you have first choice this time and then I'll make my draft pick after work.

So if you're interested in this, make your #1 draft pick now for your E-fed.
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GM Mode Returns! New Draft for 2015!
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