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 League of Doods Championship

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PostSubject: League of Doods Championship   League of Doods Championship EmptyMon 10 Nov 2014, 5:34 pm

Hi there, Twysted here. Now, while this is a site for chatting about games between those from former leagues (and those of not), I have decided to give a little more interaction between the members. This is the introduction of the League of Doods Championship!

The Rules for it are as followed:
Matches to happen on WWE '13, WWE 2k14, or WWE 2k15 (decided between the players involved).

Players pick a team of 3 superstars, one of each Low-tier (80-83 and Corey Graves), Mid-tier (84-86), and High-tier (87-90) [Roster is based on WWE 2k15 roster as it is the most recent]. Movesets and stats must be realistic (especially for CAWs.) [For the moment keep it in-game WWE Superstars from WWE '13, WWE 2k14, and WWE 2k15].

The champion can be challenged up to three times per day but matches must happen in Triple Threat or higher stipulations.

Players can choose which of their team members to use (each team member can only be used once every three days).

Champion chooses the stipulation (unless in the case of no champion, then the players involved decide).

Champion can use ONE superstar that is 91 or higher overall (this superstar will be added as a fourth member to their team until they lose the championship).

Starting off, rules will be whatever goes. As we progress we will come up with fairplay rules to balance out the playing field and make it an enjoyable environment. If you are interested, PM me with your Top 3 picks for the three tiers (it is first come first serve).

[Note: I will base overalls on how I feel they would fit in WWE 2k15].

---Team Botch---
Low Tier: Xavier Woods 83
Mid Tier: Luke Harper 86
High Tier: Seth Rollins 89

---Team Twysted---
Low Tier: Titus O'Neil 83
Mid Tier: The Miz 84
High Tier: Adrian Neville 87

---Team Cobros---
Low Tier: Virgil 79
Mid Tier: Dolph Ziggler 84
High Tier: Dean Ambrose 88

---Team Batman---
Low Tier: Bo Dallas 83
Mid Tier: Rusev 84
High Tier: Alberto Del Rio 87

---Team Alveuss---
Low Tier: Curtis Axel 81
Mid Tier: Cesaro 86
High Tier: Bray Wyatt 89

---Team JRVD---
Low Tier: Vince McMahon 81
Mid Tier: Syxx 84
High Tier Kevin Nash 87
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League of Doods Championship
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