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 WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes

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PostSubject: WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes    Mon 10 Nov 2014, 7:51 am

Post yours here!

More options on superstar threads
New moves and superstars
Limit on Community Creations
Story lines in Universe Mode
New OMG moves

Entrance creation
Nothing new added to CAW
My NXT mode being op
Roman Reigns superman punch being broken
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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes    Mon 10 Nov 2014, 10:23 am

More options for Superstar Threads
New moves
New Superstars
Improved Universe
Showcase mode

Butchering of Create-An-Entrance
Nothing new in Create-A-Wrestler
Removal of Create-A-Finisher and Create-A-Story
Several broken moves (Adrian Neville's running Missile Dropkick, Roman Reigns' Superman Punch, any running finisher online)

I have to say that despite what was done to the Creation Suite, everywhere else was an improvement. While the gameplay didn't change much, that's fine as it isn't too bad in the first place. I feel the butchering of the Creation Suite was done as to fit in all the necessary animations to keep the smooth transitioning from gameplay to cinematics during Showcase Mode. Also, Create-A-Finisher needing a lot of fine tuning to put the moves on par with in game moves and the Create-An-Entrance was all over the place and needed some polishing.

While nothing new was added in Create-A-Wrestler, I'm glad they didn't remove anything useful from it (looking at you Cinematic Attire). I'm not too bent on Create-A-Finisher and Create-A-Storyline, but I know those who love creating their own stories (the WWE Alternate guy on the Playstation and the WWE Revolution guy on Xbox) are going to be pretty upset and I think its best to please the entire fanbase.

In general, 2k did take a few large steps back but it is their first run on their own with a franchise they have never worked with. If anything is to be said of their NFL (albeit brief) and NBA runs it can only get better from here. 2k is great at listening to what their customers are wanting. I predict 2k16 will be by far the best wrestling game in a long time. I also expect a new control scheme (most everyone is asking for No Mercy controls) and a new engine soon as well (which will flow much more smoothly than Pred. Tech. [hopefully its Endorphin but it'll probably be close to whatever they use for NBA]).
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Randy Borton

Randy Borton

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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes    Mon 10 Nov 2014, 3:12 pm

I'll judge from what I saw from people playing 2k15 since I don't have it.

-Story Collection in Universe Mode
-NXT Mode
-Removing Create a Finisher
-NXT Superstars on the game
-New OMG moments (lCesaro swing, the thing that Neville does to get over the ropes onto the opponent,and others)

-Killing Create A Entrance
-Removing Create a Story since I like to make some stories.
-Same fucking menu layout as 2k14 but with different colours and background plus they couldnt bother make it a little bigger to fit the options thing.
-Some superstars (like Slater and Sin Cara and others) ain't on the game or they're DLC when they should be on main disc.

I think this game will be not bad (both on last gen and next gen) but I think 2K16 will be better since they will know some of their mistakes from this years games and hopefully put some modes back on 2k16.
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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes    Mon 10 Nov 2014, 5:31 pm

Judging from what I've seen as well.

Florida-Georgia Line
Story Collection
NXT doods
OMG Moments
Better lighting

CAE is dune
CAS is dune
Where are The Matadors? Slater? Ryder?
Paige shouldn't have been DLC.
NXT mode. Who Got NXT is Showcase sans cutscenes, and Proving Ground is Defeat The Streak sans Undertaker and challenge.
Overalls are fucked (Yes, I know the accelerator can fix it, but fuck you)

Bret Hart gives this game a 4/10. But you know what? Florida-Georgia Line makes this a TEN out of TEN. BEST GAME.

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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes    

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WWE 2K15 Likes and Dislikes
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